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Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse In Living Color, Volume Two

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse In Living Color, Volume Two

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
May 18, 2004
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated
Canada:Not Rated

The celebration of Mickey's color capers continues in this second volume of shorts -- from "Society Dog Show" in 1939 to his last short, "The Simple Things," in 1953 -- and feature film appearances, giving you a decidedly colorful history of the most famous mouse in the world. This outstanding review of Mickey's color career spotlights some very special features, including his groundbreaking performance in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and a commercial film created for the Standard Oil Company, which hasn't been seen since 1939. Youl'll also get an inside look at Mickey's recent career through the eyes of his most recent animators, Mark Henn and Andreas Deja, and voice actors Wayne Allwine (Mickey) and Russi Taylor (Minnie). Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.

  • 21 short subject cartoons starring Mickey Mouse
  • Introduction by Film Historian Leonard Maltin
  • "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
  • Deleted Animation From "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
  • "Mickey and the Beanstalk"
  • Mickey Mouse Shorts: Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Prince and the Pauper, Runaway Brain
  • "Mickey's Cartoon Comeback"
  • "The Voice Behind the Mouse"
  • Mickey Mouse Club Titles in Color
  • "Mickey Meets the Maestro"
  • Mouse Mania
  • Mickey Cartoon Physics from "Plausible Impossible"
  • Mickey on the Camera Stand from "Tricks of Our Trade"
  • "The Making of Mickey's Christmas Carol"
  • Publicity and Memorabilia Gallery
  • Story and Background Art Gallery
  • 1939: Society Dog Show, The Pointer
  • 1940: Tugboat Mickey
  • Pluto's Dream House
  • Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
  • 1941: The Little Whirlwind, The Nifty Nineties, Orphans Benefit
  • 1942: Mickey's Birthday Party, Symphony Hour
  • 1947: Mickey's Delayed Date
  • 1948: Mickey Down Under, Mickey and the Seal
  • 1951: Plutopia, R'Coon Dawg
  • 1952: Pluto's Party, Pluto's Christmas Tree
  • 1953: The Simple Things

  • Color
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • Digitally Mastered