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Walt Disney Treasures: Annette

Walt Disney Treasures: Annette

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
November 11, 2008
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated
Canada:Not Rated

Annette. To legions of MICKEY MOUSE CLUB fans she was magic. Chosen by Walt himself as an original cast member, Annette soon became the most popular Mousketeer and was given a daily series of her own. Showcased here is the entire fish-out-of-water series, about an innocent girl from the country who moves to the suburbs to live with her well-to-do aunt and uncle. Airing during the third and final season of THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, the 20-episode series was unlike earlier series -- it featured original music including the song that helped launch Annette's music career. Enriching this celebration of Annette are the two complete MICKEY MOUSE CLUB episodes that introduced and concluded the series, plus a new tribute to her remarkable career and more. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.

  • "The Mickey Mouse Club" (Complete Show), February 11, 1958
  • "The Mickey Mouse Club" (Complete Show), March 7, 1958
  • "Musically Yours, Annette"
  • "To Annette, With Love"

  • Color and Black & White
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1