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The Tick Vs. Season 2

The Tick Vs. Season 2

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
August 07, 2007
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated
Canada:Not Rated

Evil-doers, check your rear-view mirror because justice is closer than it appears! Everyone’s favorite big blue hero, along with his trusty moth sidekick Arthur, is back for more hilarious adventures in THE TICK VS. SEASON TWO. With a heart as big as the moon and as warm as bathwater, The Tick flexes the muscle of goodness to keep the citizens of The City safe from the strangest collection of villains yet. Season Two brings the return of über-villains El Seed and Brainchild, our heroes make their reality TV debuts and The Tick whittles himself a new sidekick when a woman comes between him and his old chum Arthur. With a cornucopia of laughs and thrills stuffed onto three shiny discs, THE TICK VS. SEASON TWO delivers a one-two punch of goodness straight to your home entertainment center.

  • 12 episodes from Season 2

  • Color
  • 1.33:1

The Tick
Townsend Coleman

Rob Paulsen

Die Fledermaus
Cam Clarke

Mayor Blank
Pat Fraley

American Maid
Kay Lenz

Sewer Urchin
Jess Harnell

Mr. Mental
Jim Cummings

Human Ton & Handy
Maurice LaMarche

Kevin Schon

Four Legged Man
Roger Rose

Jungle Janet, Jet Valkyrie
Susan Silo

Pineapple Pokopo
Dorian Harewood

Paul Eiding

Jim Rage
Brad Garrett

Chairface Chippendale
Tony Jay