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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

(Special Edition)

Theatrical Release Date:
February 05, 1953
DVD Release Date:
February 12, 2002
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
English, French, Spanish

Let your dreams take flight as you experience this glorious Special Edition of Walt Disney's 14th animated masterpiece -- the magical story of the boy who never grows up -- now fully restored and remastered for picture and sound that go above and beyond the film's original brilliance. The magic begins when the boy who "never grows up" flies through the Darlings' nursery window in search of his lost shadow. Accompanied by his feisty sidekick, Tinker Bell, Peter teaches Wendy, John, and Michael to fly ... and they're off to the "second star to the right" and straight ahead to Never Land! Before they know it, they're knee-deep in high-flying battle with swashbuckling pirates, led by Peter's archenemy, Captain Hook -- whose time is nearly up against a ticktocking crocodile. From the stunning starlit London skies to the glorious first sight of Never Land, including the memorable songs "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" "Following The Leader," and "A Pirate's Life For Me," PETER PAN defines Disney Magic, reminding us all again and again that childhood dreams live forever.

  • Audio Commentary Hosted By Roy Disney
  • "Peter's Playful Prank" DVD Storybook
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt Game
  • "You Can Fly! The Making Of PETER PAN"
  • DVD-ROM Weblinks
  • Featurette: "The PETER PAN Story"
  • Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio
  • New -- Digitally Remastered And Restored

  • Color
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • French, Spanish

Peter Pan
Bobby Driscoll

Wendy Darling
Kathryn Beaumont

Tommy Luske

Mr. Smee
Bill Thompson

Captain Hook
Hans Conried

Mrs. Mary Darling
Heather Angel

Indian Chief
Candy Candido

Tom Conway

Mr. Darling
Hans Conried

Lost Boy
Tony Butala

Lost Boy
Robert Ellis

Lost Boy
Johnny McGovern

Lost Boy
Jeffrey Silver

Lost Boy
Stuffy Singer

June Foray

Connie Hilton

Margaret Kerry